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AVEX systems offers three basic services:

1. Offer of foreign franchise systems on Czech and Slovak markets

AVEX systems exclusively represents and offers attractive foreign franchise systems on the Czech and Slovak markets. We search for suitable master franchisees, area developers or franchisees in both these countries, expecially for franchise brands from abroad.

Our main business is brokerage, but we also assist in readying systems by providing our clients with the know-how they need for international expansion.

Many years of our proven methods how to find new master franchisees or franchisees create an opportunity of a large number of potential candidates wanting to establish themselves as master franchisee or franchisee.  

We offer our “Recruitment Services” to foreign franchise systems, who are looking for partners in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

We assist and advise the franchisors in the development of their “International Franchise Package”, if they wish. This package will contain appropriate presentation material, market information, financial models and contractual documentation. 

We present the franchise systems to suitable candidates through promotion at trade shows/Franchise Expos, seminars and conferences, in mailings and newsletters, web promotion, PR-articles, etc.

Furthermore, once or twice a year we organize a Master Franchise Conference where participating brands can be introduced or can introduce themselves to people or companies interested in franchise business in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Our Master Franchise Conference received the acclaimed Award of the Czech Franchise Association for the Best franchise event in its category in the Czech Republic.

In total, approx. 1,000 participants took part in the conferences and 130 brands were introduced in the last 8 years.

To promote our brands – franchise concepts on these two markets, we also utilize selected internet franchise portals.

Furthermore, we actively use social media for franchise business and have our internet websites: www.avexsystems.online that is very well known and popular in both markets.

We are active with referrals, databases of our partners and their newsletters.

Aditionally we present at key franchise events in both our coutries with our own booth in order to present brands we can offer to prospective franchise partners. 

All these combined efforts and strategies are designed to find the right candidates.

We also offer to foreign franchise brands to adapt their systems to the Czech and Slovak market.

2. Offer for the Czech and Slovak franchisors

AVEX systems focuses especially on international franchise development, brokerage and consulting. We provide our services to franchisors looking to expand their brands internationally and to potential applicants and investors to acquire master franchise licenses.

Our know-how, which we use for franchise business, is acquired and supported by many years of practical experience of our team members in the field of international franchising and top management of large multinational companies that had franchise concepts in their portfolio.

Especially the founder and main representative of the company AVEX systems Mr. Aleš Tulpa worked as a General Manager/CEO in many large multinational German companies, such as OBI, QUELLE and others. He is a member of the Czech Franchise Association (CAF), where he also functioned as president for many years. Ales Tulpa has more than 25 years of practical experience in the field of franchise business.

With our activities, we have been successful in finding excellent master franchise partners for established franchisors over the past years.

A number of outstanding examples can be found in our list of references.

The goal is linking the right partner with the right concept. Further services such as to help new master franchisees establish the business in their country, are also available at AVEX systems.

For more than 15 years, AVEX systems has been a member of the largest multinational organization in Europe: Franchise Pool International (FPI).

We also help Czech and Slovak franchisors and commercial enterprises in their expansion abroad.

On request we are also happy to research specific markets for certain franchisors and to approach potentially interested parties directly. For us to accomplish this we use the help of local consultants of FPI who best know the domestic markets and investors that may be suitable.

3. Franchise business support

We organize events related to franchising and in order to support the franchise business, like master franchise conferences, presentations of new franchise systems, workshops, etc. We advice all those interested in franchise business, where and how to look for franchise systems, how franchising works in practice and we prepare them for negotiatins with the franchisors. The Master Franchise Conference in Prague organized by AVEX systems and its partners received the acclaimed Award of the Czech Franchise Association for the Best Franchise Event in its category in the Czech Republic.

In case you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact our office: +420 724 007 505 or write an email: ales.tulpa@avexsystems.eu.

If you are interested in our service don’t hesitate to contact us either by filling out the form or sending an e-mail.

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If you are interested in our service don't hesitate to contact us either by filling out the form or sending an e-mail.

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    Ing. Aleš Tulpa

    Founder, Owner and CEO of the company AVEX systems

    Mr. Aleš Tulpa is a Prague University of Economics graduate, focused on marketing and business. After moving to Germany in 1984, where he spent the greatest part of his career, he managed as a General Manager several German companies such as QUELLE, responsible for the Czech and Slovak Republic, OBI (chain of DIY- stores, one of the best franchise concept in Europe), responsible for the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary or Lasselsberger Europe. Since 2004 he has been running his own business AVEX systems with its focus on international franchise development, brokerage and consulting. From 2007 to 2010 he was an owner and General Manager of AVEX BAUMARKT, a company that developed a new franchise retail concept for small and medium-sized towns. This network of Do-It-Yourself stores is now successfully developed on the Czech market under the brand UNI HOBBY.

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